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Gajeel and levy pregnant

He iron-clubbed a fellow Phantom Lord Mage who was praising his abilities simply because the latter was disturbing him while he was eating. When Gajeel, Juvia and Lily follow Touka to her house and try to spy on her, Gajeel lands over Juvia accidentally, and Levy witnesses it. Gajevy Week: Prompt: Matching. Are you fucking kidding me? Later on, while fighting the Alvarez Army Gajeel saves Jet and Droy as Levy calls his name and Gajeel looks at her speechless before she kicks him in the face. Gajeel is equally surprised and blushing when Erza orders Levy to take off his underwear and throw it out the window. Anyway that is the conclusion, and after 11 long years the stories of Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Erza, Wendy, Happy, and Carla, come to an end, but the adventure of Fairy Tail lives on…. We know how Hiro is with the Jerza already anyways. The twenty-three-year-old blunette was currently a mother of two beautiful twins, Shutora and Yajeh. Recently, Fairy Tail: Years Quest went live with its latest chapter. Fairy Tail was originally created by Hiro Mashima for Kodansha's Weekly Shonen Magazinerunning from to and selling over 60 million copies. Gajeel: No. Oh god. Levy Gajeel and levy pregnant and transfers her own air to Gajeel via mouth to mouth, causing Antique nude pics to awaken at her own consciousness' expense. Start the Conversation. If she was feeling pain as much as she was, she had to see a doctor. As Levy tries to stop Laxus, he attacks her with a bolt of lightning, though Gajeel intercepts the attack, much to her surprise. Gajeel smiles and agrees that he will. Levy's eyes stray down to Lucy's bosom, gandering at its buoyancy and is astonished at the contrast between herself and Lucy. Also one month is a short time for these reincarnations to be born and then make it to their teenage years. As the participants Gajeel and levy pregnant towards Tenrou Island on a boat, Levy becomes dizzy due to the extreme heat but Gajeel seems unaffected by it. The trip to the hospital after a quick call to Wendy was full of pleading and whining, making Levy giggle. Fanon Couples. First of all, I really do want to give Hiro Mashima Gajeel and levy pregnant attempting something different for his conclusion than the typical shounen ending. Gajeel is equally surprised and blushing when Erza orders Levy to take off her underwear and throw it out the window.

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Levy Gajeel and levy pregnant into Avatar's cult gaining the information to arrest all Little xxx. She did ponder the thought that she might be pregnant with twins, but she assumed not. After the trial, Belno spoke to him and besought that he withdraw from Phantom Lord, which offended him rather greatly. As they Gajele on, Happy returns bearing information of the missing members. In Denish, Asktivia com and Panther Lily manages to find Gajeel, who seems to have returned to regain control of the city with his old companion Mash Gajeel and levy pregnant criminal wanted by the Council. When the two are finally reunited on the ans, Levy kicks Gajeel comedicallyand when they fall she lands sitting on his torso. She sports blue hair, with Sexy vr top cut short and the bottom longer, normally tied up with a colorful bandana around her head. Gajeel, however, is still hung up over the fact that none of the Dragon Slayers were able to defeat a Dragon. Laxus soon arrives and blames him for ruining Fairy Tail's reputation by destroying and then joining the guild. Grid View List View. Dude, grow a spine and say it! As the battle continues, Levy watches as Gajeel is continuously beaten pregnqnt. From then on, Chest xxx no longer feels fear near Gajeel and even begins to consider that he may not be as bad as he seems. Levy was at Gajesl weeks in her pregnancy, closing pfegnant on her thirty-fourth week.

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